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Dev Blog #2: Scheduling changes, prototyping new features and new office in sight.

Hello, awesome people of the internet!

I’m a bit late on this dev blog, but I try not to make this a habit. A lot has happened since the last dev blog and I’m excited to share that with you. There will be a slight change in the dev blog content and release schedule. In the future, dev blogs will be released every 2 weeks but every other post will have less content while the other one is more like a monthly update that has more content. The smaller updates are solely focused on updating you on our game development progress, while the monthly updates will also include updates on how our company is doing.

The reason behind the schedule change for these dev blogs is that since last sprint we have started doing 2-week sprints instead of 3-week sprints, which gives us a faster iteration time. We are still prototyping the ideas we have come up with, which requires a lot of testing, and this is where the faster iteration time comes in handy. After each sprint, we have an internal test session after which we evaluate the new features we added. Fast iterations for developing features are a good way to test if the feature is fun or not. If the feature is fun, then it’s easy to just make it feel better and look nicer, but if it’s not fun, it needs to be redesigned to feel more fun.

During the past 3 sprints, we have used a lot of time to reiterate our current features and to design new ones. In the last dev blog, I told you about our test session and that we got a lot of valuable feedback. These reiterations of our features have been based on that feedback alongside with our thoughts. Lately, our focus has been on changing the combat focus from melee combat to more ability focused combat while still being a good mix of both. The main reason we wanted to shift towards more ability-based combat is that the combat felt too one dimensional and we wanted to add more variety and strategy to the gameplay. Abilities also make the game look visually more pleasing as well as give us a way to make our two characters more asymmetric, meaning that the characters have their own abilities and skillsets, therefore making them feel unique. In addition to making the combat more ability-based, we are prototyping new enemy archetypes to give more variety and life to the game.

We are also going to move to a new office in 2 weeks and we are very excited about that. Currently, we have a 14.5 sqm office, which is very small for us, but the next office will be 50 sqm. In our current office, we share desks between 2 people, who needs space anyway, but thankfully in the new office, everyone will have a personal desk. We will also be able to have a microwave, a coffee maker and a fridge in our office. It’s also nice to have space to properly hold meetings: no need to reserve a meeting room or to cram into a small space with too many people. 

Us having a meeting in our spacious office.

Us having a meeting in our spacious office.

We appreciate you reading about our journey through the development. You will hear more from me in two weeks with updates on the game development. Have an awesome week!

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