A look back: Our first year

A brief summary of our first year as a company. We tested our build with an external audience, moved into a bigger office, and hired a new team member!

We are soon entering a new decade, so now would be an appropriate time to review our first year as a company. We have been rolling officially for approximately 15 months with increasing intensity, and the future looks more than exciting!

First, let us look back to the end of 2018 when we just had founded our company. We had been learning and developing for about a year, and it was time to set up a development organization that would be capable of professional work and growth. Also, founding an official company allowed us to move into an office, which we had scouted from A Grid (we have already moved, but more on that later). In October 2018, we had our first office: 14,5 square meters of space and two desks for 5 people. It was awesome!

Getting something playable out

Our game idea developed a lot during the fall of 2018. Several revisions of the Game Design Document had been written and reviewed, scripts were designed, and a business plan was formed. Then it was time to turn our idea into reality, and the creation of a playable demo begun.

It took a good few months to get something to play, but we eventually managed to make a working (or at least not broken) build. This made possible for us to arrange an on-location testing session in July 2019, where 20 (10 pairs) players tried out the build, answered a feedback form, AND were interviewed. This session proved to be extremely valuable and insightful, while also being extremely fun!

Feedback from the testing gave us a huge amount of insight and new ideas to experiment with. After the testing session, we knew more what kind of gameplay would work, and our vision for the game became more clear.

Labeling the game and... wait for it... a new office!

After the super hectic summer, we were facing a different challenge. The name we had in mind for the game was not available for a trademark, so we had to go back to the planning table and figure out something else. This proved to be a good thing, as we figured out an even more epic name that had more basis in the lore.

Secondly, our current office with 14,5 square meters was becoming even tighter, so we began to scout for a new office space. Soon, the awesome people of A Grid found us a new home, a nice 30 square meters space from the same building, making the moving super easy. A bigger office also made it possible to have our meetings there, so the hassle of searching and booking meeting rooms ended.

Our new office has not only more space, but also more people in it!

Our team began to grow

Ultimately, our year peaked as we hired a new team member, Antti, who brought his exceptional animation skill set into our team. He also quickly became an important part of the game design process, as his experience has given him a very sophisticated view of what makes a game good.

So, testing our initial demo with an external audience, moving into a bigger office, and hiring a new team member - not a bad first year of business, even if I say so myself! One major question may occur to you: game development costs money, so how are you funding this? Mostly, this has been at our own expense, but Business Finland, as well as our social network, have been hugely helpful. Regarding our funding, we also have some exciting news incoming, but more about that in its own time.

We have awesome plans for 2020, and we are super confident that our game's vision will materialize even more. We will provide you a closer look at what we are doing here next year, but for now, thank you for this year and enjoy the rest of it!



Antti-Juho Nieminen