We Are Boreal Foundry

From Finland we emerge, for gamers we sweat.

We love games, be it single-player RPGs, first-person shooters, or MOBAs. It is our belief, however, that games are at their best when they let players share immersive experiences and stories. The goal of our games is to provide stories to share and experiences to enjoy together, and to be a platform for creating amazing communities and lasting relationships that transcend the virtual world.
Therefore, it is our mission to make the best damn co-op games without any compromises.

Happy Developers, Happy Gamers

Our principle is that when the creators believe in their work and have fun doing it, the end result reflects that enjoyment and is exhilarating to experience. Meet our team below

Antti-Juho Nieminen


Aleksi Ojansivu


Eetu Vilkki

Creative Director & Tech Lead

Pauli Tuovinen

Narrative & Level Designer

Mikko Pesonen

Audio Engineer & Game Designer

Antti Vanhatalo


Christian da Costa

Game Artist

What we value the most

Success comes from the people creating it. We base our culture and ways of creation on the following core values:

Gamer Orientation

We are extremely focused on gamers and their needs, and welcome their input in our development, as our games are meant to be tailored only for gamers.


Even when dealing with serious matters, we seek to bring joy to everyone around us in a way that brings joy to us.

Incorruptible Creativity

Our most sacred resource is the creativity of our people, and we cherish the freedom for it to bloom.


We will constantly develop ourselves both as individuals and as a company to make ourselves and our games better.

How did we end up here?

Our journey of video game development began as a hobby project between the co-founders in fall 2017. We all shared the same passion of building a story-driven co-op action game, because the current offering of games didn't match our needs or desires. We all were - and still are - avid gamers, which gave us the incentive to build games that we also wanted to play.

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