We, Together,
Are The Story.

We strive to be the world's #1 in co-op games and the best company to be in a relationship with.

Our Games

With everything we do, our goal is to provide meaningful stories for gamers to experience with someone else. Through challenge, immersion, and co-operation, we believe that gamers can have refreshing Role Playing adventures as well as find out new ways to spend quality time together.

Engaging Stories

Amazing stories can take you to another world, let you be something you've always wanted to be and give you something you never had. Engaging stories are at the core of our games to give purpose to every path you take and every strike you make.


Experiences are best when shared together with a friend! This principle is at the heart of our development and guiding our every decision to make the best damn co-op games. We build our games from the ground up for co-op first, so you can get the best experience possible together with your friends.

Challenging Gameplay

Easy games are dull. There is nothing more rewarding than finally taking down the boss that has been toying with you, or finally solving the riddle that has been puzzling you for days. We strive to give you the challenge, sense of achievement and feeling of discovery that many games lack.

Current Project

We are currently developing a Shared Story Action Adventure game to challenge your perseverance, wits and teamwork capabilities.

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